‘Such a fun day’ at regional Senior Olympics games

I wanted to share a few pictures from the Senior Olympics.  We were able to bring with us 8 residents and 3 family members of the residents.  We were also able to have several stakeholders come out to support us during the event.

We had an amazing day.  Our morning started out early.  After we ate breakfast, we met up in the Living Room to get “fancied-up”.  We wanted everyone to know that “Life Is Sweet At Signature East”.  Several of our residents and stakeholders put bright pink color in their hair.  We put candy stickers on our faces and we wore our Life Is Sweet shirts in raspberry blue and bubble gum pink colors.  As we got ready we would chant “Sweet At East, Sweet At East” and we believe it.

As we arrived, all of the home office personnel were there to greet us.  We were offered muffins and drinks.  We also met Dawne Gee from WAVE-3 news and she was gracious enough to let us take a group picture.  The energy in the room with the other teams was awesome to feel.

The games were on and we were ready to play.  Our resident, Diane James, won a gold medal for the ADL challenge.  She was so proud of herself.  During the month before the games as she practiced, she worried that she wasn’t as fast as she had been in the past and Diane just knew that she wouldn’t give a good performance.  Diane had a look of joy and shock when she was announced the winner and Dianne Timmering came over to give her the medal.

Our other medal winner was Mary Kuhn in the Cornhole game.  She was the first contestant to throw the bags and she got a total of 5 points.  Mary smiled so big and she was so happy that she received a bronze medal for her game.

Overall, East Louisville won the Runner-Up trophy for the most points won during the day.  That trophy sits proudly for everyone to see in our facility.

Our residents had such a fun day.  A big THANKS goes to Joe, Dianne, Pam and the whole gang that made a memorable day for all of us, residents, families and stakeholders.  We are already talking about next year’s games and how we can do better.

– Keri Jewell, Quality of Life Director