“Blessing of the Hands” Ceremonies At Signature HealthCARE of East Louisville

Signature HealthCARE Chaplains Craig Cantrall (Cherokee Park), Clinton Palmer (SHC of South Louisville) and Nathan Marrs (SHC of Trimble County) visited five Signature buildings to perform the ‘Blessing of the Hands’ ceremony.

A former hospital chaplain, Craig adapted the program and launched it at Signature three years ago. During the ceremony, the chaplain blesses frankincense and myrrh, pausing to draw crosses on the hands of those receiving the blessings. The ceremony is rooted in the ancient tradition of washing the feet of guests who enter the home.

In the nursing home, the practice is viewed as a ‘thank you’ to the caregivers for the work they do, but it also serves as a reminder that their hands are performing God’s work.