Hero’s Journey: Mrs. Meffert

“I will always come here.”

“This my second stay here, and I will always come here for my rehab. Everybody is nice, I love my nurses they are great, Therapy team is the best. Signature East is my always my first choice.”

Mrs. Irma Meffert
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Hero’s Journey: Mr. Selvin

“Everyone was very nice.”

“Everyone was nice, I liked it a lot here, they made me feel home, food was good. Therapy team was the best they did great job for me, can’t say enough to thank everybody.”

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Hero’s Journey: Mr. Gary

“Thank you!”

“Thank you to each one of you, for being so Kind and professional, nurses, therapy, nurses’ aides, housekeeping, everyone I come in contact with was so nice and helpful.”

Mr. Julius worked hard with therapy and was able to return home stronger than ever, as he put it. We wish him good luck!

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Hero’s Journey: Ms. Irma

“Keep up the good work!”

“This my third stay here, Nurses and therapy team are phenomenal, I highly recommend Signature East to anyone.”

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Hero’s Journey: Mrs. Borders

East is always my first choice…

Nothing changed compare to my first stay here, staff are great, therapy and respiratory therapist Margaret is the best you can ask for, she always drops what she is doing and come to help me with my breathing if I had any issues.

Mrs. Sharon Borders
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Hero’s Journey: Mrs. Jackson

I enjoyed my stay here…

Therapy worked me hard, they always encourage me, Neil, Ashley, David I want to thank you personally, you guys are saints. Being able to do my Dialysis here was a plus for me. Thank you all for what you did for me.

Mrs. April Jackson
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Hero’s Journey: Mr. Crutcher

A big thanks to each of you…

I wanted to acknowledge every kind deed, but that would be impossible, but some flowers will have to do. Every one believed in me, Margaret the respiratory therapist was able to take my trach out, and I am able to breathe on my own, therapy got me back on my feet I am able to walk after several months being bound to bed. I really can’t say enough or thank you guys enough.

Mr. John Crutcher
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Hero’s Journey: Mrs. Mary Kay

Thank you all for all you did for me…

I live next door, when I needed Rehab I chose your guys, and it was the right choice, couldn’t ask for more, everyone was tentative to my needs, did their best to make my stay comfortable. Therapy team excellent, the nurses and staff were caring. I would recommend you guys to anyone.

Mrs. Mary Kay Charles
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Hero’s Journey: Mrs. Charlie

“East is always my first choice…”

This is the third time I’ve come here for rehab, I love it, staff are nice, therapy service is excellent, and being able to do my Dialysis here is the cherry on top. Will come here anytime I need help.

Mrs. Charlie Manion
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Hero’s Journey: Mr. Herman

Mr. Herman came to East for rehab. He worked hard with our therapy team, and he was able to return home. Mr. Herman, we wish you the best of luck! Thank you for choosing East for your rehab needs.

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